"I am truly blessed to have met and worked with Jaime Brooks. After becoming an empty-nester, Jaime and I worked on clearing away clutter, organizing a filing system and eliminating stuff I no longer used. A very calm, thoughtful and pleasant person. Jaime kept me on task in her own gentle, but persuasive way. She would not allow me to hold on to papers and documents that I clearly had not looked at in years. I was very impressed with her professional and organizational skills and her wealth of information on a number of different topics. She never judged me or my clutter and was always positive and encouraging. I look forward to working with Jaime again on my next project. I highly recommend you give Jaime a call. At your initial consultation you will realize that you have found a jewel!"-Elvetra

"Jaime isn't just a professional organizer - for me she's been a life saver. When I was suddenly faced with working full time (plus some), a small child, and several quick moves in my near future, she was the sole reason I survived!  She worked her magic, streamlined, labeled, consolidated, and guided me through the process of sorting/packing/moving/repeat in a way that somehow didn't feel overwhelming. We sometimes worked together on projects (which was actually really fun), and sometimes she was able to complete some organizing for me while I was right there working from home. Once we had moved a few times, and then settled into our last and our current house, she helped me create spaces that made sense (coffee station! paper organizing center with vertical file so I never lose anything! linen closet that is now sorted and pretty!), clear out my clutter, get my paperwork in tip-top shape....and even cleaned and wiped down things as she went! Jaime helped us stock and set up a rental property in a hurry. She bargain shopped for kitchen stuff for us, washed it - even peeled all the countless labels off - and then set it all up beautifully.  Her naturally calm and organized approach to tackling large projects made it an easy and seamless experience for us! She is always on time, works hard, carefully respects your belongings as she works, and never once ended a session without making sure the project was complete, and completely cleaned up/put away properly.  Each time she left my home after a couple of hours of working together, I felt a little bit lighter! After several visits with Jaime, I felt like I lived differently -  more efficiently, lighter, less stressed out. If you can't tell, I'm a HUGE Jaime fan, and only hope others will be lucky enough to work with her to get your stuff/papers/life/clutter/toys/pantry/ugh under control!"-Heather

"I’ve been working with Jaime for several months to get my (very) unorganized home in order.  She has helped me get several rooms and spaces beautifully organized.  Even more importantly, she has helped me implement (easy) systems for keeping things organized!  She’s been a joy to work with and she has truly increased the quality of life for my family because she has helped make all of our daily activities run more smoothly.  Another plus is that she primarily worked with the containers and furniture that I already owned.  I highly recommend Jaime if you need help getting organized!"-Tracy

"Jaime is a quiet but fierce force in reclaiming order and ultimately the freedom of flow in a home. I find now that my closets are organized and my clutter is cleared; that my energy is freed up to focus on my two beautiful children. Jaime swooped into our household just after our second child arrived, and I can attest to her loving touch with welcoming in new babies, her nurturing care for the new mother, her ability to entertain older siblings (and make them feel so special), her home organizing skills (she works fast and in a helpful unattached way to help you get the results you thought you could only dream of), and even her delightful gift of helping mama feel beautiful with a new hair do! Thank you Jaime for nurturing our nest with all your loving talents. I whole heartedly recommend A Nurtured Nest for any and all of the services offered."-Sommer

"Jaime has been a true lifesaver for me. She was readily available to assist me with putting my new apartment together when I moved 6 months ago. Through multiple appointments, she was able to help me get organized and efficient. First, she helped me purge unwanted items from my wardrobe, organize my closet and color coordinate my clothes. Jaime accompanied me to The Container Store and helped me pick the right options for my art space as well. Once it was installed, she organized and labeled everything. She helped me choose the right storage options for all of my bedding and clothing accessories. She showed me how to maximize all my small spaces from kitchen, living room to bedroom, bathroom and laundry. She gave me useful websites to browse, ideas to employ and options for donations. Jaime is not above hard work and getting things done. Her tips have paid off and her time is always welcomed and appreciated. I always feel accomplished after she has helped me complete a project. I highly recommend her as the "go-to" expert in organizing your spaces."-Susan